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Options Are Unlimited for a Louisville Wedding Planner

Updated: Nov 4, 2023

Diversity is the new everything for weddings today, and Louisville, KY uniquely offers unlimited options for wedding planners, from southern traditional to formal, funk, intimate "micro" and elopement. It helps that we are among the best "foodie towns" in the country! For newly engaged couples, this simply means ... just dream it, whatever your dreams may be, and let your Louisville wedding planner make it happen for you.

Casandra Kelly, Owner of The Kelly Way Weddings and Events, and seasoned Louisville Wedding Planner, knows everything about making the full range of diverse nuptial dreams come true in the River City, throughout the Bluegrass and far into Southern Indiana. "How do you plan a wedding in Louisville, KY? That's a loaded question," says Casandra. "You can't even start until you meet the engaged couple, hear their dream for a wedding, and learn about their unique passions. Then we have everything around Louisville to make the dream come true."

How is the Louisville area so uniquely, broadly accommodating for any type of wedding ceremony as well as all pre-wedding events? In six words, history, entertainment, food, bourbon, bourbon and bourbon. Ever since the Falls of the Ohio River geologically made Louisville a frontier trade town of abundant resources, Louisville has always grown 'broader' rather than 'taller', resulting in historical and contemporary diversity of sites, attractions and activities, from Locust Grove to the Ali Center, Mega Caverns zip lines, mesh menus, thoroughbred racing and every type of bourbon tour ranging from local Urban Bourbon to the Kentucky Bourbon Trail. With "anything" as the opportunity for a Louisville wedding, the planning begins with the couple.

Historical, Contemporary and Natural Venues Plus Activities in Louisville Have All Couples and Guests Happy

A newly engaged couple could go to Louisville Tourism or TripAdvisor to look at wedding and reception venues plus year-round and seasonal activities for wedding parties, and find a virtual rabbit hole of historical and modern options, as Louisville's cultural history ranges from the early historical venues of Locust Grove and Farmington to the Civil Rights celebration of the Ali Center, or a wilderness encounter at the Louisville Zoo. With the full range of formal, traditional, modern, unique or intimate and "micro" covered by venues, the couple also endless options of activities for wedding parties.

"One couple could come to me with their favorite Louisville destinations, restaurants and activities already decided, and another couple could have nothing more than the 'feel' of the wedding and their guest list," Casandra says. "What I love about being here is that I can make it happen in Louisville, and sometimes I can surprise the Louisville couples with attractions in their own home city that they didn't even know about." Either way, she says The Kelly Way is about drawing upon their input to make the options match their personalities, and then being on top of the planning and details to make the wedding and activities just what they wanted. Maybe they began with thought of a dance hall and ended up in a field of natural Kentucky wildflowers.

FoodieVille USA, Louisville Offers Cuisine to Meet and Exceed Expectations for Wedding Receptions and Events

Louisville has exploded on the regional, national and international scenes as a hub of culinary diversity, mesh menus, gastronomic experimentation and traditional southern barbecue. Consult Southern Living, or your Facebook friends, and you may find your new favorite dish in a neighborhood "dive" or out of a food truck.

Especially if couples are having family and friends traveling from out-of-town, they will love the opportunity to exceed expectations, maybe starting with Momma's wings (given the thumbs up by Guy Fieri), sampling the world-famous Hot Brown (from its birthplace at the Brown Hotel), and being amazed by an endless variety of new iterations in everything from Korean barbecue to Asian, Mexican and home cooking.

Again, the key to getting the food right, is to begin with the couple. Where did you meet? What foods do you love? What foods, not so much? What have you never had? Let's grab take-out from Ollie's Trolley and start sampling the best of Louisville!

How About a Louisville Bourbon Wedding, Bourbon Reception, or Bourbon Tours for the Wedding Party?

There are more than 30,000 average monthly Google searches trying to find The Kentucky Bourbon Trail, bourbon trail distilleries, bourbon trail packages, and 'how to do' ... the bourbon trail. "Bourbonism" is now a $9 Billion tourism industry for Kentucky. But for an engaged couple, the overwhelming choices among bourbon tour options are best distilled down to the simple experience of... you.

"Bourbon might actually not be for everybody, even in Kentucky," Casandra shares, "but we certainly have anything we want for Bourbon-loving couples, or maybe bourbon-tour options for visiting family and friends." It's simply gotten to that point of deciding whether bourbon is a part of a wedding, even if it's a matter of bourbon brand to include in the bar.

And let's not forget about Louisville's craft beer scene! Louisville has always been a beer town, beginning with traditional German brews and now featuring more than 50 breweries and brew-pubs. Louisville beer brings us right back to the feature theme of diversity being something for everyone. Simply said, when it comes to toasting the health and happiness of the newlyweds, Louisville offers home-brewed options for whatever you want in the glass.

As Louisville wedding planning goes, we end again where we always begin. Let's start with the dreams, passions and ideas of the newly engaged couple, because here in the Ville, we have it covered, and then some. Contact Casandra Kelly of The Kelly Way Weddings and Events, 502-408-2546, to talk about your dreams, plans and questions regarding weddings of any size and type, in and around Louisville and Southern Indiana.

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