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Your Reliable Wedding Planner,
Louisville KY 

The Kelly Way is the reliably joyous way to plan a wedding
in Louisville, KY and Southern Indiana

The secret to making your wedding day a dream come true, is to leave the details to a professional, experienced wedding planner, so you can focus on sharing the love and joy of the day with your loved ones and guests. Casandra Kelly has earned her reputation as a preferred Louisville Wedding Planner by focusing first on the dream, and making it come true by taking care of all the details. 

No matter how small and intimate or grand and formal the wedding, you will only need Casandra's personal phone number on hand to handle any sudden needs or answer any questions. 

Couple on Couch

Your Louisville Wedding Consultant,
with a Free Initial Consult

From the moment of "YES"! Let's stay focused on that emotion, so the next step of planning a wedding day is stress-free and all about joyful anticipation. For starters, your first consult with Casandra Kelly is free, with no obligations, and you get to learn about options and budgets for the dream wedding day. In the first consult, we'll begin with these basics:

  • What is the unique dream, the relationship, the magic?

  • Ceremony preferences

  • Wedding and reception venues

  • Wedding and reception lists (general/estimates to start)

  • Photography, video and music

  • Any essential preferences (cake, ministers, caterers, etc.)

Even if you have already begun your wedding planning and research, book a free consult with Casandra to get more ideas and compare costs. Nothing to lose by getting free information from an expert!


Casandra will meet again with you to deliver options at various budget levels.

Weddin Cosult
Wedding Ceremony

 Your Day of Wedding Coordinator

from $949

After all the plans and details are arranged, Wedding Day has come, and Casandra is there, on top of every detail, keeping all ceremony and reception activities on schedule, and taking care of any sudden issues. 

Day of Wedding Coordination is part of any wedding-planning package of The Kelly Way, and we promise you will appreciate the value by enjoying your day to the fullest.

Wedding Ceremony Stage
Day of Wedding
Wedding Cake

Full Wedding Planning

from $3,500

Having your wedding The Kelly Way means leaving it all to us. We identify your options for all services, from cake to photographers, venues, music, florists and design. Once your decisions are made, we handle all bookings and schedules, so when you arrive at your events and Wedding Day, everything is just as planned, just as you dreamed. 

  • Day of Wedding Coordination Included

  • Research of all services, submitted for decisions

  • Bookings, correspondence, agreements

  • Design, from floral to decor and space arrangement

  • Invitations and RSVP tracking

  • Seating chart and assignments/place-cards

  • Scheduled check-ins and always available by phone

Full Wedding

Partial Wedding Planning

from $1,999

If you have already the started planning your own wedding (i.e., set the date & venue, secured a couple or few vendors, created your list and headcount, etc.), and you're within 3-to-11 months of The Day, you may have reached the point where you see how much time it will take, and you want an expert to take it from here and make your wedding day run as perfectly as you planned. The Kelly Way Partial Wedding Planning is just what you need. We pick up where you are, continue coordinating/confirming vendors, and manage all the details and activities on Wedding Day. 

  • Day of Wedding Coordination Included

  • Arrangement of 2-to-3 vendors not yet secured

  • Scheduled check-ins and always available by phone

Just Married
Partial Wedding
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