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Small Weddings are Getting Big with Louisville Elopements and "Micro Wedding" Packages

Small is big in Louisville wedding planning today. Consistent with national trends, Louisville elopements and "micro-weddings" continue to become preferred options for wedding ceremonies and experiences. Research, polls and personal meetings with Louisville Wedding Planner, Casandra Kelly, are revealing that Millennial and Gen-Z couples are increasingly interested in pragmatic and intimate wedding options, so big-wedding budgets can be invested in first homes, and the exchanges of vows are, 'just between us'.

"Especially since COVID," says Casandra, Owner of The Kelly Way Weddings and Events, "wedding ceremonies have been trending much smaller and more intimate, and then couples have many options to have receptions for family and friends, or to simply invest their reception budget in a private honeymoon."

However, Casandra says that "small" doesn't always mean completely private or simple. She still has plenty of planning and details to manage with couples getting creative and doing more with less. What are some examples of Louisville elopement and micro-wedding packages that can still make a small wedding "big" in the meaning and memories of the newlyweds, family and friends?

  • Backyard ceremonies and receptions fully decked out with lights and linens

  • Bed & Breakfast elopement packages with friend & family receptions in the courtyard

  • Music by friends via Bluetooth

  • Catering by a favorite food truck

Even with the guest list, budget and physical size of the wedding being altogether smaller, Casandra says her role as the Wedding Planner or Day of Wedding Coordinator is still as important in elopements and micro-weddings. With the couple really focused on each other and the intimacy of the vows, plus maybe the honeymoon, they really like to turn the details over to the planner, which can still mean selection and coordination of the officiant, wedding cake, decorations, photographer, balloon or flower arch, catering, and personal gifts for the family, best man and maid of honor. "Whether there are six people there, or six hundred, making it special for the couple still means focusing on the details and making the planning perfect, even more-so because any little problem will be so much more noticeable to fewer people"!

As with full-size weddings being fully accommodated by Louisville's diverse range of traditional and eclectic venues and activities, Casandra says that Louisville is also perfect for intimate weddings of any taste and theme. A day at the track, a bourbon tour for the wedding party, a grand hotel or an historic B&B, plus world-class cuisine to exceed all expectations -- can help make a small wedding as big of a memory as the couple desires. Plus, there are innumerable options for combinations, to and from Louisville, such as a backyard wedding and beach-travel honeymoon, or vice-versa!

For elopement and micro-wedding packages and ideas in and around Louisville, call The Kelly Way, 502-408-2546.

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